• This is a great resource forquick and easy whole foods recipes that you can prepare in under 20 minutes. There are about 100 recipes, all searchable by category.
  • This is another great site on the web. The recipes are not as focused on healthy cooking with whole foods and natural ingredients, but you can look up pretty much any food and get an interesting recipe.


"I just wanted to share my story concerning my Holistic Health Counseling with Jessica Monty.

"For long time I have battled with weight and my health in general. My family has experienced a long history of obesity and I had almost grown to accept that I would be overweight for the remainder of my life. However, after my first free consultation with Jessica I decided to give it a try. I had never dug into the root of the problem, which I had always thought was improper consumption. However the true problem was improper nutritional education! Together we basically embarked on a spiritual and soulful journey to re-educate my mind and body on nutrition and the benefits of natural foods and organics. Through out the journey she offered excellent support (instructional and emotional), coaching, motivation, and great recipes as well! She worked very hard to ensure that these changes would be life long. I am happy to say that they are.

Jason: Before And After
Jason before meeting Jessica Monty Jason after working with Jessica Monty

"Today I am a changed person thanks to her program. I am a high end recreational cyclist and have competed in many races. As a result of the lost weight and my body’s amazing change in efficiency for processing food, I have been able to work out and do physical activities I had thought were gone with my teenage years. I have ridden 12 100 miles rides to date and plan on riding one per week this upcoming spring. This program has changed my life and will continue to enrich it for the remainder of my years. I highly recommend Jessica and her program to anyone who is considering it!"

- Jason Hines, 36 years old, Miami Beach, FL

"When I met Jess I was in a lost place. I was attending yoga practices occasionally and not eating well. I was unhappy with the way I looked, most importantly the way I felt. Our first few meetings I fought her (in my head and sometimes verbally) in regards to what I needed to do. Jess just listened and continued to give suggestions. I then decided to do the 30 day challenge at our yoga studio and during this time everything clicked, she supported me and continued to guide me towards my goals. I then wanted to follow through with the suggestions Jess gave and I wanted to live a better life. I was feeling this way all because she believed in me and in return I began to believe in myself. One thing that allowed me to hear what Jess was saying was the fact that she had at one time faced her own issues and came out just fine and a better person. With this, I knew she was able to relate to my situations and understand what I was going through. Jess also helped me remember who I am and what I wanted when I had gotten so down on myself.

"She also helped me see that I was worthy of having the best life. Now my life has become so full; I have found love, I demand respect from others and I am moving forward with my hopes and dreams. I thank her so much for taking her job to heart and holding my hand during and after the journey."

- TiaMarie Smith

"I first met Jess as my Bikram Yoga instructor. With her insight into the body, mind and spirit, she inspired me to take a serious interest in my own well-being. Her energy is so positive, yet down-to-earth. With her humor and light-heartedness, I was able to avoid feeling overwhelmed at times when, in the past, I might have thrown in the towel. Jess never quit on me, and that helped me do the same.

"I jumped at the opportunity to enroll in the health counseling program. I was looking for a way to integrate my emerging yoga practice with other aspects of my life, especially "eating healthfully." But after six months, what I am learning is that what I had been doing for 35 years -- seeing eating choices as being "good" or "bad" -- is a setup for failure. Jess never asked me to give up any of my favorite foods -- namely pizza! -- but she armed me with pragmatic mealtime options: new foods to cook using simple recipes, strategies for planning meals and eating on-the-go, and ways to enjoy my indulgences rather than fighting them and then feeling badly about myself the next day. And when I do "fall down," Jess is right there with an uplifting perspective, and a smile. I feel a greater sense of balance and ease in my daily life. Thank you, Jess, for the spark."

- Philip Cohen

"As a person with food allergies/sensitivities, I have learned to be nutrition-savvy and am an avid label reader. There seemed to be so many things to avoid to stay fit and healthy that I saw few options and usually ate the same things day after day, in essence becoming food-phobic. Needless to say, I was bored and my body craved what I was missing. I had been to doctors and seen nutritionists, so I was somewhat skeptical when I first heard about Jessica's holistic approach, yet I knew that she was passionate and well-informed, so I decided to give the plan a try. Of course, I also realized that a free session would only cost me an hour of my time. During the consultation, I heard things that intrigued me and Jessica was positive that she could help; after the first paid session, I knew I had made the right decision. After the second, I felt like I had already gotten my money's worth and there were still 10 more sessions. She didn't give me a pre-packaged program or tell me what to do. Instead, she worked with me to achieve my nutritional and personal goals and I have never felt better. (It's not so bad being complimented on my appearance from friends, family and acquaintances, either!) Jessica's plan is simple and pragmatic- I have so many options now, complete with quick and easy recipes. Overall, the program not only focused on what to eat and how to approach eating, but also encouraged me to experiment with when to eat certain types of foods- a seemingly minor thing that has had a major impact. If you want to look better, feel better and realize your full potential, contact Jessica today!"

- Jack


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